Digital Evidence Professional Services, Inc.

Developing Quality Digital Forensic Programs for Government, Industry and Academia.

Digital Evidence Professional Services, Inc. provides a wide range of consulting services to government agencies, commercial concerns and academic institutions. The following lists some of the ways in which we help our clients:



If you currently have a digital evidence program , Digital Evidence Professional Services, Inc. can professionally review your program with an eye towards insuring that it is complete, up-to-date and meets the current best practices.

Program Assessments and Audits


Digital evidence programs are one of the fastest growing segments in the forensic science and information assurance fields. They are complex to establish and demanding of management attention. There are many details that need to be attended to in effectively and economically developing a program. Let Digital Evidence Professional Services smooth the way to a quality digital evidence program.

Program Development and Implementation


Effective digital evidence programs need well-crafted policies to implement quality programs and assist in the compliance with required standards. Further, Quality Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, and Safety Manuals will need to be developed. Why spend valuable staff time when you can call the digital evidence professionals to help you develop effective policies and documentation?

Policy and Documentation


Often managers responsible for information assurance or digital evidence programs lack experience in the management of forensic issues and programs. A lack of strategic vision can render the best program ineffective. Failure to plan for inevitable incidents which will require the collection and examination of digital evidence could result in liability for the company, agency, managers and directors. Let us help with your due diligence.

Management Reviews and Response Planning

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