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Digital Evidence, a New Frontier

More and more of our lives are being recorded on hard drives, magnetic tape, optical disks and other forms of electronic storage.  The preservation, examination and analysis of this information has become critically important in a constantly increasing number of situations.  Organizations need to ensure that when they need these services, that they will be competently served.


 Investigators are finding more evidence in digital form every day.  Courts and jurors are being asked to routinely evaluate digital evidence.  Lawyers need to discover digital evidence in both civil and criminal cases. Law enforcement and government agencies need to have defensible programs for the collection and preservation of information required by the courts, legislative bodies and the public.  Information security professionals need to preserve evidence of intrusions and other malicious activity in connection with their information systems in order to be responsive to business needs, as well as: shareholder, law enforcement, regulatory, and civil discovery requests.


Digital Evidence Professional Services is here to help public and private sector clients develop and maintain the digital forensic capabilities that fit their particular situation. We provide a wide range of services from needs assessment to reviews and audits of existing programs. We also specialize in the development of education and training  programs in the digital evidence field.


Putting it all 

Digital forensics is truly an interdisciplinary science.  Digital evidence programs  often require coordination of different agencies, departments and organizations.  Likewise, many different equities and perspectives need to be harmonized.  Digital Evidence Professional Services has the experience to recognize these issues and effectively work through the them to develop solutions that meet the stakeholders needs.

We are Ready!


Digital Evidence Professional Services is ready to help their clients’ assess their needs and make sure that they are prepared for the impact of digital evidence.  Digital Evidence Professional Services brings years of experience to your situation. We can help a broad range of clients.

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